April 12, 2016

Are Expectations A Burden?

People always tend to have expectations towards others. Whether it's high or low, it depends on the person's perfomances and achievements. That's how people survive; living up to someone's expectations until one day they realise life is tiring because we didn't live our life the way we want to as we were busy meeting people's expectations.

*anyone please check my grammar :') *

It's been a while since SPM results were announced. I'd been applying for scholarships and unfortunately, I am not qualified for any of those as my BM is A- . People said it's weird for me to not be shortlisted to any interview with my excellent results.

I am sad, honestly. Siapa tk sedih kalau tk dapat biasiswa? Dengan ekonomi yg entah tk tahu apa jadi one day nanti. Tapi tu la, since Form 4 memang my BM tk pernah lebih dari A- :') But that doesn't mean I cannot speak Malay correctly, duhh *rolling eyes*

Mama tanya about scholarship everyday; ada ke dpt emel, itu dh keluar, ini dh keluar, dh check ke result etc. Terasa mcm satu beban pulak. Sebab tk dpt biasiswa. Tapi enn.......

'Aku nk biasiswa ni utk parents ke utk aku?' 

I guess my intention is wrong.


Are my intentions all right?
Am I doing it for Allah?
When I see it deep down inside,
Do I have the right نية?

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