August 01, 2016

A Month in UiTM..

WALO WALO PEEPS (or maybe walo walo to me)

So it's already a month lebih dekat seremban ni and I admit my homesickness masih ada but alhamdulillah it's getting much better than my early weeks (or days, I suppose xD) Classes are fine. And I am fine :)

This week is full of tests and assignments and quizzes. I need my burning passion back but Ainhad said mungkin I borrowed it to her and it got lost. Moga burning passion kembali to my soul, please huhuuuu.

Next week is Majlis Anugerah Dekan and I am a multimedia committee. I am in charge of short videos, which will be posted online in youtube(Sasscomms) and instagram (@sasscoms3) so it's quite a burden for me as I am not good enough in shooting but have a pretty good skills in editing ecewaahhh hahahaahahha. But yeah, it's quite a burden sebab generations nowadays suka yang gempak2 tk hambar bagai tu and I AM A SERIOUS PERSON. Hence, I am worried. Moga Liyana berjaya hasilkan video menarik untuk dikongsi bersama rakan2 sekalian. Dan buat Nur Amalina, I'm going to make you proud 😉

14/8 ada kenduri doa selamat and I want to join and help my family. Tapi memikirkan it's held on Sunday and I have morning class on Monday.... TANAK BALIK NAIK KTM 😂😂😂 tapi takkan nk tumpang newlyweds cousin 😐


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